Progressive website applications – performant and intuitive

Progressive Web Applications and MODX consulting

The web is changing rapidly. Every month new best practices appear, and new technologies are introduced. We got you covered. 

Staying up-to-date and getting the best possible performance is our goal. 

Professional Website Construction Kit

The xvanced framework combines a modern, responsive and performant frontend, a flexible, reliable, secure and fast CMS, and a professional support. 

Our CMS of choice is MODX - which we optimized and customized to the needs of most use-cases. 

xvanced CMS

xvanced CMS

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Progressive Web Applications

Currently integrated in the xvanced-framework: 

  • Offline-Capabilities
  • Offline-Storage
  • App-Installation on supporting browsers
  • Application-Icons

Coming soon: 

  1. Push notifications
  2. More pre-caching
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MODX consulting

More information soon.